Domestic Violence Test

  1. Domestic Violence is used in regards to;
    a. Child abuse
    b. Elder abuse
    c. Spousal abuse
    d. All of the above
  2. What % of homicides are estimated to occur in family situations
    a. 1/8 %
    b. ¼ %
    c. ½ %
    d. None of the above
  3. Abuse per Mosbys dictionary means:
    a. Physically attacking someone
    b. Verbally attacking someone
    c. Injuring someone physically/verbally
    d. All of the above
  4. Elder abuse is
    a. Is not a reportable offense
    b. Is physical, or psychological abuse of the older adult
    c. Can be material abuse of the older person
    d. Both b and c
  5. Child abuse is
    a. Not a big issue in the USA
    b. Is not a reportable crime
    c. Is physical, sexual or emotional maltreatment
    d. All of the above
  6. Battery is
    a. Verbal attack on someone
    b. Verbal threat to someone
    c. A hitting or beating of someone
    d. Both a and b
  7. Physical abuse can cover many areas they include?
    a. Locking you out of the house, driving recklessly
    b. Pushing, scratching, hitting, choking
    c. Praising you when you do well
    d. Both a and b
  8. What percent of women who are seen in the ER are from abuse?
    a. 22 - 35%
    b. 2 - 5%
    c. 10 - 15%
    d. none
  9. Medical expenses from domestic violence total
    a. One thousand dollars per year
    b. Five hundred thousand per year
    c. Three to five million per year
    d. Both a and c
  10. How many children in the US are exposed 2 paternal violence
    a. None
    b. All
    c. 3.3 million
    d. 200
  11. Children can witness domestic violence in many ways
    a. Hearing mom scream
    b. Seeing fist hitting
    c. Hearing glass break
    d. All of the above
  12. Approximately how many elders are abused each year?
    a. 1 out of every 25
    b. 10%
    c. very few
    d. none
  13. Many things can triggers spousal abuse, such as
    a. Substance abuse
    b. Financial problems
    c. Jealousy
    d. All of the above
  14. Why don’t they just leave when their spouse abuses them?
    a. Ignorance, fear, love
    b. Finances, embarrassment
    c. Loyalty, low self esteem
    d. All the above
  15. How often does a child die from child abuse?
    a. Never
    b. Every 20 days
    c. Every 7 hours
    d. None of the above
  16. Which children are most at risk for abuse?
    a. Loved and adored children
    b. Planned pregnancy children
    c. Unwanted children
    d. Children who are to tall or to short
  17. Behavioral Teratogens (caused by parent) can be from?
    a. Alcohol consumption while pregnant
    b. Tobacco smoking while pregnant
    c. Illegal/prescription drugs while pregnant
    d. All of the above
  18. Signs to look for in child abuse
    a. Burns, bruises, bite marks
    b. Sexual abuse, blood on panties, sore genitalia
    c. Fractures
    d. All of the above
  19. Signs to look for in elder abuse
    a. Happy smiling faces
    b. Healthy food served three times daily
    c. Weight loss, bruises, frowns, no talking
    d. Both a and b
  20. Neglect of the elderly is
    a. Not enough food or bathing
    b. No hugs, love or compassion
    c. Both a and b
    d. None of the above
  21. Does it ever change?
    a. With a lot of hard work it can
    b. Never, once an abuser, there’s no hope
    c. If they get rid of substance abuse, get into recovery
    d. Both a and c
  22. As a medical person you are a mandated reporter
    a. Yes, 24hrs day, 7 days a week
    b. Only while at work
    c. No only doctors are
    d. None of the above