Stop Smoking Test

  1. Cigarette smoking effects which body systems?
    a. Lungs, Cardiovascular
    b. Brain, Kidneys
    c. Eyes, Mouth, Stomach
    d. All of the above
  2. Which part of the cigarette is the most addicting?
    a. Tar
    b. Nicotine
    c. Carcinogen's
    d. None of the above.
  3. Cigarettes cause the decrease of what to the brain and cardiovascular?
    a. Blood Sugar
    b. Proteins
    c. Oxygen
    d. Toxins
  4. What neurotransmitter is fooled by nicotine?
    a. Seritonin
    b. Dopamine
    c. Norepinephrine
    d. A and C
  5. The mouth is a great place to harbor what?
    a. Dopamine
    b. Yellow Plaque
    c. Cancel Cells
    d. B & C
  6. The fine hairs in the bronchial tubes are called?
    a. Fiber sweeps
    b. Cilia
    c. Bronchial hairs
    d. None of the above
  7. In the lungs of a smoker these fine hairs do what?
    a. Get excited and work harder
    b. Get still and cause blockage
    c. Disappear
    d. Lay down and become paralyzed
  8. The bottoms of the lungs have grape like clusters that help in what process?
    a. The excretion of mucus from the lungs
    b. The exchange of O2 and Co2
    c. Inhalation and exhalation
    d. B and C
  9. When this grape like cluster loses their elasticity what happens?
    a. You can only get breath in, exhalation becomes a huge chore
    b. You have emphysema
    c. You have more space to collect O2
    d. A and B
  10. With each inhalation of a cigarette the blood vessels do what?
    a. Dilate
    b. Constrict
    c. Break
    d. None of the above
  11. Tobacco is the single greatest cause of what?
    a. Increased life span
    b. Premature death
    c. Anxiety attacks
    d. All of the above
  12. Cigarette smoking cause how many deaths per year?
    a. 4,000
    b. 80,000
    c. 43,000
    d. 430,000
  13. Financial cost to the USA for medical care of smokers is?
    a. 100 million
    b. 100 billion
    c. 10 million
    d. None of the above
  14. There are over how many chemicals in cigarette tobacco?
    a. 43
    b. 400
    c. 4,000
    d. None
  15. How many of these are cancer causing?
    a. None
    b. 4
    c. 18
    d. 43
  16. If you smoke 1–3 packs of cigarettes daily, you collect how much black goo in your lungs?
    a. 1 to 2 ounces
    b. 60 to 120 ml
    c. ¼ lb. to 1 ½ lb.
    d. There is no black goo.
  17. Why do people smoke?
    a. Crutch
    b. Craving
    c. Relaxation
    d. All of the above
  18. Which of these diseases are associated with cigarette smoking?
    a. COPD
    b. Asthma
    c. Hypertension
    d. All of the above
  19. A pregnant woman does not effect the fetus if she smokes?
    a. true
    b. false
  20. Second hand smoke is not as bad for you?
    a. true
    b. false
  21. Cigarettes are as hard to quit as heroin?
    a. true
    b. false
  22. A person quitting cigarettes may go through the five stages of Loss?
    a. true
    b. false
  23. A cigarette can be a person’s best friend?
    a. true
    b. false
  24. You can always quit on your first try?
    a. true
    b. false
  25. Patients and family need a lot of support when trying to give up the hardest habit in their life?
    a. true
    b. false